About Us

Our Brand

Caseflex is a brand developed in the UK to meet the needs of the smartphone using public. Protection for your device shouldn't be an afterthought, invest in a high quality case or cover for your phone at the earliest opportunity and you won't be disappointed. Choose from high quality pouches, printed cases, wallets and flips all designed by a professional UK development team.

At Caseflex our aim is to combine great design ideas with high-quality production to produce a truly stand-out range of mobile phone cases, covers and other accessories. These include hard cases, innovatively-designed patterned covers, pouches, wallets and stand cases.

We concentrate on the most popular phones out there – including the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and iPhone models. A key feature is protection: you can rely on Caseflex cases to shield your device from anything that might threaten it in the course of day to day usage. We’re also careful to ensure that each of our cases is a perfect fit for the device it’s designed for.

In terms of design, our team is constantly on the look-out for new ideas to ensure we have one of the freshest selections of patterned covers on the market. Sometimes though, it’s the simple ideas – handled with care, that work the best! Check out our range of elegant pouches and wallet covers by way of example.

What’s more, the range is constantly evolving. Scroll through our range and see what catches your eye. You won’t be disappointed.